Access International Inc.


Our goal at is to increase customer efficiency and provide systems that allow our customers to provide excellent customer service while controlling cost and increasing sales volume. is an affiliate of Access International Inc.  Access International is a software development company specializing in business systems that require the transmission of information to remote, frequently mobile users.  Our target markets are those companies with remote sales representatives and customers needing access to current information, available from the wholesale distributors host computer.  Utilizing this information at the point of sale allows the sales representative or customer to effectively conduct their business and compete in the e-commerce era.

Access International was founded in 1986 and currently has over 125 clients located throughout the United States and Canada.  Thousands of our customers’ sales representatives, and their customers, use our Order Writer software and communication system to transact business more effectively.  These companies range in size from $10 million to $5 billion representing the wholesale distribution industry in markets that include foodservice, institutional paper, sanitary/janitorial supplies, cosmetics and beauty aides, foodservice equipment and wine and spirit distributors. 

Access International is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of remote order entry and sales information software for wholesales distribution companies.  With more than 250 enterprise installations and 50,000 end users, we continue our 14 year commitment to our customers by providing the highest quality software products and support services to enable our customers to be the innovative leaders in customer satisfaction.

Our staff’s main focus is directed to serving our clients to ensure seamless installations to their operations while continuing to develop new software.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality software products so together we can be the innovative leaders in customer satisfaction. Together the goal of and Access International is to  continue to offer technology as the driving force behind your business strategy for many years to come. Inc.  17130 S. Torrence Ave Suite 500 Lansing, IL  60438
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